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Not incoherent at all. Here's my take:

These games have been in my mind lately, having found out about the male!Shepard/Kaidan romance cut out of ME1 last night.

Oh, Mass Effect has a whole host of issues when it comes to this, including the company's response to being called out on the F/F romance option which turned into a Discount Lesbian denial debacle. And then the sequel cut out all same-sex relationships (except for one or two cases where you can flirt, but not pursue, a F/F relationship) despite original plans to keep them in. This is an issue getting a lot of debate over at the forums, actually.

More importantly, does the marketing/promotional staff themselves frequent these forums and are aware of these concerns?

Unfortunately, from what I've seen, the marketing/promotional staff do not frequent the forums. It tends to only be a handful of the writers/ core creative team. Which leaves a lot of possibility for discussion, and hopefully the sheer volume of people asking for female visibility will have some impact. I think it's telling that the percentage of women on the forums seems to be far greater than the percentage of women playing the game, and I hope this will influence the devs to keep in mind the concerns that are being voiced.

I agree with you about the artists.

Games that make it blatantly obvious they weren't FOR me, I guess.

I know exactly what you mean. There are games with male protagonists which are balanced in a way to make female players feel welcome, and their are games which really hit you in the face with making you feel unwelcome.

nfortunately I'm not sure where I'd find sources to cite this now, but I've seen plenty of people who far, far prefer female!Shepard over male!Shepard for her fantastic voice acting; if the voice acting is as good this time around it'd be worth demonstrating that, too.

No need for sources; Jennifer Hale is just… yes. Fantastic. As far as I've seen, she is considered the better voice. Which is why the complete lack of femShep marketing was so shocking, in light of the final product.

Also, they may have worked on the male Hawke first and only he is finished enough to start showing in early promotional material; it'd be annoying, but not surprising.

Always possible. Since the game was only announced earlier this month, nothing is set in stone and it's very possible that the issue will be rectified. But I think it's important to talk about while there's still time to fix it. :)

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