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the emperor of ice-cream ([personal profile] revanchist) wrote 2010-07-28 02:46 pm (UTC)

Yes, Bioware has been better about a lot of stuff like this than many other developers, that doesn't mean they're good enough. I appreciate what they've done so far but that doesn't give them a pass for the future, or the right not to be criticised on what they should improve.

I agree wholeheartedly.

Recently it's been mostly criticism of their treatment of disabled characters in their games.

I'm assuming that you're referring to Joker and Sandal, possibly with the additions of the stuttering Orzammar shopkeeper and Kaidan? This is actually something that I've seen very little discussion on, unfortunately.

What, the boys can't identify with a female character? Why the **** not? They don't do anyone any credit here, none of their fans of any gender.

This. A similar comment also came up on the thread, to which there were immediately protests (made by male gamers) of numerous female characters they had identified with in the past. (And these were the guys against femHawke advertising.) Though obviously what they say and how they actually react in RL is probably not the same. It does beg the question of why, in a genre where we are used to stepping into someone else's shoes and becoming someone we are not, that it is considered harder to jump the gender divide while merrily playing an elven mage who fights dragons. Seriously? We can't suspend disbelief just a little more?

They really don't get how and why it would be so nice to finally see a female hero centered on cover art and marketing?

Apparently not? *sigh* I don't understand why it even requires a discussion, honestly. I think if Bioware really looked at the percentage of women playing their games, as opposed to other similar efforts-- and I am thinking in both the RPG and TPS genres-- their comparative advantage would rapidly become clear. As a company that has managed to attract a greater number of female players over the years, it would seem logical to keep attracting that demographic.

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