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Hiya - followed over here from [community profile] girlgamers.

It's a fascinating point you've made, and not really one I pay too much attention to, to be honest. I have to admit to having been lucky where I haven't experienced any sexism, or if I have its gone completely over my head. I do however ONLY play female characters in games. I regularly play D&D with a bunch of guys (I am the only female) and I always play a female character with them. I have played one of each character type in DA, every single one female. I've also done the same with other RPGs like Neverwinter Nights and the MMO Guild Wars.

Now to marketing. It's interesting to note that the only game I have purchased in the last few years is Guild Wars. The marketing and cover art for the three Guild Wars games that I own all have strong female characters depicted. While I've played DA and Borderlands and enjoyed both. I didn't buy them but rather borrowed the games off male friends.

The same is true for books however. Give me a cover with a bad ass looking female with a sword or some other weapon and I will probably purchase it regardless of the description. I guess my subconcious wants to see more of these dominant females who can hold their own and are worthy of being heroes.

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