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Hannah ([personal profile] miss_haitch) wrote in [personal profile] revanchist 2010-07-29 08:11 am (UTC)

Here via [community profile] girlgamers -- I just wanted to say thank you for diving into the fray! I know how demoralising it can be to encounter lots of negative reactions about representation, but it sounds like you persevered and got good results from the discussion.

For my part I only play Female Shepherd -- Jennifer Hale is a brilliant voice actor, and the male one just sounds robotic to me.

What made me sad when playing Dragon Age was the fact that Zevran, who in every other way is immensely confident and TMI about his sexuality, seemed almost apologetic about expressing his bisexuality. IIRC in the conversation dedicated to it he's all, "I like men, but I hope that isn't a problem/won't bother you". I just felt like it was the writers being coy about it/not wanting to offend homophobic people. And then there was no option to say to him "that's cool, I'm bisexual/gay myself".

Bioware are hands-down my favourite CRPG developer, and I love so much of what they do for characters and relationships -- it's just, they could do better.

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