sqbr: me cosplaying the bearded dwarf cheery longbottom, titled Expressing my femininity with an axe (femininity)
Sophie ([personal profile] sqbr) wrote in [personal profile] revanchist 2010-07-30 07:20 am (UTC)

This is a great post! And (via people mentioning it in the comments) you introduced me to [community profile] girlgamers, so double yay :)

I totally agree that there is absolutely no reason not to include the odd screenshot of a female Hawke. Maybe a female mage Hawke, that way they can show off any new magical stuff.

I did like how the images that went with each origin in Origins were 50:50 male/female, but I don't know if they were released before the game, I've just seen them on the wiki.

Would you be ok with me posting this to [livejournal.com profile] dragon_age?

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