revanchist: superman: caption "real men wear tights" (real men wear tights)
the emperor of ice-cream ([personal profile] revanchist) wrote 2010-07-28 03:24 am (UTC)

Hey, it's good to meet you. :) TBH, I only recently began paying attention to this myself. I guess that's why I'm still working through it, I guess. I usually choose to play female characters when gaming, as well. And by usually, I mean that I only pick a male character if I'm going for more than one play-through, or if there is no female option and I still want to play the game. (The second case is actually rarer than the first, which may or may not be surprising?) I think that many women, at least from what I've seen, do not want to spend money buying a game (or spend time playing it) in which they are not represented, and marketing is a big part of showing them that they/we are represented, and yes, this is a game for you, too.

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