the emperor of ice-cream
the emperor of ice-cream
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"To argue against an idea honestly, you should argue against the best arguments of the strongest advocates. Arguing against weaker advocates proves nothing, because even the strongest idea will attract weak advocates." ( more on this )

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the emperor of ice-cream [userpic]

So I signed up for [ profile] biowarebang. I may, in fact be crazy. Or an extreme masochist. But all I can think is, 'ohmigodthisisgonnabefunnnn!' But honestly, the chance to be writing Bioware fic in a community of Bioware fans of all stripes? Tell me that isn't cool. /has problems.

To be specific, I signed up to write: "The Exile finds Revan. What the hell is Revan doing? Does the Exile help?" (My backup fandom is ME, if I fail miserably at the whole KOTOR thing. *fingers crossed*) There... are a lot of ways this could go. To say the least.

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